Benefits of a Milk Bath

Did you know that Cleopatra used to bathe in milk to keep her skin soft and supple? As a pharaoh of Egypt, Cleopatra was known for her youth and beauty, and some historical accounts say she kept a large supply of donkeys in her palace for her daily bath routine! But don’t let that beauty regimen scare you. Milk baths are actually quite simple and good for both the body and soul. Let us show you how easy it is to take a milk bath, and you’ll be ready to take the night off and soak all your cares away.

Serenity Milk Bath

What Is a Milk Bath?

Just like it sounds: a milk bath is a luxurious practice of relaxing in a bath of milk (cold or warm) to refresh the skin and rejuvenate the mind. Because milk is full of lactic acid, a milk bath can help penetrate the deeper layers of your skin and stimulate new, healthy skin to grow. 

How To Take a Milk Bath

There are several different methods of milk bathing, and there’s no right or wrong way to do it. Rather than filling your whole tub with cold milk, we recommend mixing one of our Body Milk Co signature mixes with a tub of warm water to create the perfect creamy soak. Feel free to add rose petals or lavender buds for a spa-like experience. Soak for at least fifteen minutes and don’t forget to rinse off after you’re done!

Serenity Milk Bath

Benefits of a Milk Bath

The effects of a milk bath are immediate. You'll notice right away that your skin feels extremely smooth and silky. The lactic acid in milk provides a light exfoliation which eliminates rough patches of skin and encourages new skin cells to grow. Milk baths can also even your skin tone, and provide relief for sunburns and mild patches of eczema. Beyond the physical benefits, there are many powerful psychological benefits to taking milk baths. Just fifteen minutes in a milk bath can lower your blood pressure, which will help you feel both relaxed and rejuvenated. 

Take a Milk Bath Tonight

Cleopatra may have been ahead of her time, but she wasn’t crazy! With products like Body Milk Co Serenity bath mixture, it’s easier than ever to take a long, luxurious soak. Try a milk bath tonight and see how much it helps mentally, emotionally, and physically.