Serenity Milk Bath
Serenity Milk Bath
Serenity Milk Bath

Serenity Milk Bath

Forget your troubles and drift away in the Mediterranean ocean with our Serenity Milk Bath. Our ethically-sourced milk bath powder is developed to repair dry skin, encourage circulation, enhance your mood, and rejuvenate your soul. Luscious milk and honey soften the skin and essential oils for fragrance and mental clarity, the Serenity Milk Bath is a fresh, easy way to relieve the stress of your everyday life.

Ingredients Include:
Whole dry milk
Coconut milk
Sweet orange 
    Enhance you bath: 
    Soak for 15-20 minutes to relax the muscles and connect mind, body, and soul.
    Light some candles (ensure they're in a protective glass jar or on a plate)
    Sprinkle (or go mad, no judgements!) in some flower petals.
    Now that your skin is soft and clean is the best time to exfoliate.
    Wash off, dry off and apply your favourite body lotion or oil.
      All-natural ingredients, safe for all skin types
      Developed and produced in Australia
      Keep out of reach of children