Our Story

"Strong femininity and everything that makes the soul happy!"

Body Milk Co is dedicated to all-natural self-care products, strong femininity and everything that makes the soul happy!


My name is Chrissy, I am the founder of Body Milk Co and I am so excited to introduce you to Body Milk Co! Body Milk Co is a true labour of love - sounds like a cliché type thing to say on the company page but I say it, because I mean it.

I’ve been an avid (ok so I really mean obsessive) milk bath taker ever since I can remember and over the years, they’ve served as a huge comfort to me, almost like a bestie giving you a big warm hug telling you everything’s going to be ok! 😊 But I’ve honestly struggled with finding a product I could really connect with and say “Yep! That’s my fave!”

Sooo over the last 12 months I started working on formulating an all-natural milk bath that would transport us to a dreamy, relaxing and rejuvenating place that we could quietly take the time out to not only de-stress and remind ourselves how kick ass we all actually are but that would truly cleanse the skin and leave it feeling super supple and fresh at the same time.


Serenity, along with all that we set out to do here at Body Milk HQ is ultimately for you, the woman who might be feeling a little lost lately and overwhelmed, the woman who keeps trying but feels like she’s failing at it all, for the woman who needs to celebrate herself and all that she is.


I hope you all enjoy our site and the product on offer, they all serve their purpose of helping you make your soul happy!


XX Chrissy


P.S Feel free to drop me an email anytime on