Serenity Milk Bath by Body Milk Co


What is Milk Bath?

A milk bath is just like a normal bath but milk, usually in the form of a powder or liquid, is added to the bath as well. Milk baths have many benefits such as:

  • Immediate results for smooth and silky skin
  • The lactic acid found in milk acts as a natural exfoliant and renews skin cells
  • Can provide relief from sunburn, mild eczema and other skin irritations
  • Can lower blood pressure, relive stress and boost skin hydration


    How do I use Serenity Milk Bath?

    Sprinkle your desired amount into a warm bath. We recommend 1-3 teaspoons, and swirl around and disburse with your fingers. Get in and enjoy!

    To enhance your milk bath experience we recommend:

    • Light some candles (ensure safety first)
    • Play some relaxing calm music. We love Wholetones by Michael Tyrrell (not sponsored or affiliated in any way, just love the relaxing tones). Think relaxing day spa music!
    • Add your favourite flowers, the whole head or just the petals.


    When should I have a milk bath?

    Whenever you want! Yep, the beauty of a milk bath is you can have one as often as you like. At Body Milk Co HQ, we all like to have a milk bath, whether it be a quick and simple milk bath or a full blown milk bath ritual, at least once a week for at least 20-30 minutes so we can get the full relaxation experience. 


    How do I store my Serenity Milk Bath?

    Close the lid tightly after each use to ensure it stays out of the elements and you can either keep the bottle displayed at your bath tub, away from water or in a dry cool place.


    Where is Serenity Milk Bath made?

    Right here in Sydney, Australia! We like to keep things local, that way we can ensure that you get the very best and safest ingredients. 


    Do you test on animals?

    Never! All our product testing was personally tested by our founder, Chrissy, who has extremely sensitive skin and by her lovely family and some of our clients.

    We love animals of all kinds and have signed up to be accredited as cruelty free - watch this space! 


    Is Serenity Milk Bath vegan?

    No, we are not certified vegan due to the use of whole dry milk powder. The reason we use whole dry milk, which is ethically sourced and derived, instead of coconut powder alone is because of the lactic acid that whole milk naturally has. Lactic acid gives our milk bath the added benefits of being a natural exfoliant and renews skin cells.


    I have sensitive skin, can I use Serenity Milk Bath?

    Yes, our founder has extremely sensitive skin and this is the exact reason Serenity was developed! We would also suggest patch testing before use on your body. Fill your hand basin with a little bit of warm water, enough to submerge your hand up to your wrist, and sprinkle in a little of the Serenity Milk Bath. After a couple of minutes remove your hand and if irritation occurs discontinue use.


    Can I have milk baths whilst pregnant?

    In short, yes, as long as the water isn't a higher temperature than that of your body. Baths, whether you add milk or not, are safe but as always, consult your doctor as they take into consideration your personal circumstances and any pre-existing conditions you may have.



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